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WAA Office Hours
2:00 to 6:00 PM
651-731-0359 fax

Woodbury Athletic Association


The 2015 WAA annual meeting will be held on Monday January 28th at 7:00 PM at the WAA office 2630 Ojibway Drive.

WAA Registrations Online!

  • Click the registration button above that will take you to the login page, login and choose what you want to do from the left hand drop down menu.
  • If you have your Household ID#, you can go there anytime and update your family information. Please keep your email up to date.
  • If you are already a WAA member but don’t have your number, follow the steps where it says need help siging in, fill out the information requested and your username and password will automatically be emailed to you on two seperate email.
  • If you are new to the area, or are registering a family member for the first time, follow those steps and a household number will be sent to you within one business day.

Click on the link on the top menu bar register


WAA Positive Coaching clinics.

Beginning in 2015, the Woodbury Athletic Association will be changing the way coaching certification is done. Under the current policy, coaches are required to be certified every three years in a Nationally recognized Coaching Program. The current process entails Coaches attending a class every three years, the same class as they attended before.  Under the new system, each coach will have to attend one of 5  2 hour sessions that will be presented by the Positive Coaching Alliance. Each coach will have to attend one session per year every year. The course content will be different each course and the coaches name will be included in the national data base of trained coaches.


More to come.


All WAA Volunteers that will have contact with our children during Practice or Game time must complete this Online training. This is aproximately a 30 min online class, at the end of your session your certificate will appear, fill in your name and forward a copy of the certificate to the WAA office.

Special Note



PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND MAKE SURE THAT THE INFORMATION IN OUR SYSTEM IS UP TO DATE FOR EACH OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS.    IE: DATE OF  BIRTH , CURRENT GRADE, and Email address. It is important that your current email is on file with us for communication purposes.

Update and Maintain your household on WAA Rectrac Registration System

Choose “ REGISTRATION “,(from the top menu bar) once on the registrations page use the top menu bar again to  choose  “MY ACCOUNT” click there to explore  and maintain your household information, the process is like many other web sites you may already use.  There are some very helpful features there for you explore, HAVE FUN.

Like always if you have issues that you are still questioning, feel free  to call the Office Monday thru Friday 2:00 to 6:00 PM.


Welcome To The Homepage of WAA

The Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) is an independent, nonprofit, youth organization administered and managed mostly by volunteer adults. All residents of Woodbury are eligible to be members of WAA.

A board of directors selected by the general membership runs the association. The board is a policy-making body responsible for the smooth administration of its 10 youth sports programs: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, track,Travel baseball, Travel Softball, volleyball and wrestling. The board relies on participation from hundreds of coaches and parents who volunteer many hours of their time to the youth of Woodbury. The Woodbury Athletic Association Board meets the second Monday of each Month at 8PM at the WAA building at 2630 Ojibway Drive. Contact the Executive Director at 651-731-0100 or 651-238-4628 to get more information on how the meetings are handled.

All outdoor athletic fields are CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.!

We will post more information in the spring.


If you have WAA events scheduled and there is poor weather, use your good judgement on play, do not jeopardize your self or your children for a sporting event.Lightning is an ever present danger and parents and coaches should stop activities and seek shelter if lightning is visable.


The City of Woodbury does provide cancelation notification though the City In Touch system.

To register for in touch; go to www3.ci.woodbury.mn.us/ and register. Then any time the City wishes to notify you of a field status change, you will get an email set directly to you.

We post field closure notices on the city's Facebook page as well. You don't need a Facebook profile to view the page. Check it out here: www.facebook.com/WoodburyMinnesota.

In addition, field closure notices are available on the city's website. Consider bookmarking this page: http://www.ci.woodbury.mn.us/parks-and-trails/athletic-fields-and-field-maps


Spring Sports Registration

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