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Track & Field

2017 Track & Field

Track Season 2017


To those of you who are new to our program, welcome. To those of you who are returning from last year;  welcome back! I am looking forward to working with your child & our coaches to enhance your athlete’s love of the sport of running.

Recreational Team Practice

The track season will get underway on Tuesday, May 2nd with the season ending on Thursday, July 20th.  Beginning on Tuesday May 2nd, practices will take place every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. thru June 1st  at  Woodbury Junior High located at 1425 School Drive in Woodbury. We will then switch the practice site over to Woodbury High School once the school year ends.


Competitive Team Practice

The competitive team practices three days per week as follows: Mondays from 6:00-7:00 and Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour and a half from 6:00-7:30 p.m. The first practice will take place on Monday, May 1st from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Practices for the competitive team will be held at Ojibway Park, OR at the indoor Woodbury High School track (depending on the weather).Once the outdoor High School track is available, we will move outdoors at WHS.

 The season will consist of three home track meets.

 All home track meets will take place at Woodbury High School.

The practice format provides flexibility for athletes that participate in other sports or activities that coincide with our season. The club asks only that you attend all of the practices that you are able to but does not require attendance at every practice. The club attempts to keep our focus on sport in perspective, recognizing that family comes first.

Please have your children wear comfortable running shoes & bring a labeled water bottle or sports drink to each practice. 


Each family is permitted to choose the meets in which they want their athlete to participate. This year we will have three meets of our own and several All-Comer meets hosted by other track clubs (meet schedule to follow once finalized). Most of these meets have a small fee associated with them ($2.00-$15.00 per athlete) that must be paid by each participant prior to or at each meet. There is no formal bus/carpool transportation to these meets. It us up to the parents to get their athletes to and from the meets, and to supervise their children during these meets. Coaches are available for your children every Tuesday & Thursday, but may be at a minimum at the meets.

WAA Home Track Meets to be hosted at Woodbury High School

We will host three home track meets. The dates for those meets are in progress of being scheduled and awaiting approval from community education.

The dates are set as:

1st meet will take place on Saturday, June 3rd

9:00 to 2:00

 2nd meet will take place on Thursday,  June 22nd

meet starts at 6:00 p.m. should be done by 9:00

The 3rd and final home meet will take place on Tuesday, July 18th

meet starts at 6:00 p.m. and should conclude by 9:00


The cost of the Recreational program is $130.00 This program practices twice a week. The practice schedule is Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The cost of the Competitive program is $195. This program meets three times per week.  The practice times are Mondays from 6:00-7:00 and, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The cost breakdown is as follows:


track rental--approximately $15.00/child for practices 2/wk for one hour and $20/child for practice 3/wk at hour and a half practice schedule

track meet rental--$23.00

Ribbons/end of season trophies--$10.00


WAA fee - $30.00

end of season ice cream social--$1.00


Competitive Team only-Coaches USATF cert. costs/coaching staff state meet--$20/part.

Competitive only--USATF State meet entrance fee-$20.00



The program is based on introducing and refining track & Field technique through positive feedback coaching process. The process emphasizes fundamentals, fitness, flexibility and form. Most important however, is the presentation of track and field as a fun, enjoyable and rewarding athletic activity that can lead to a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Confirmed returning coaches for the recreational teams include:

Coach Mike, Coach Haley, Coach Jordan & Coach Stephanie & Coach Corey new coach: Coach Karen

Confirmed Coaches for our competitive team include:

Coach Curt, Coach Gerard and welcome to our newest coach, Coach Leroy

If you are interested in coaching, or assisting, please contact Corey at (651)592-3224


Running a track & field meet takes many volunteers. In order to keep the membership costs down, I need one parent from each family to volunteer at one meet. If one parent from each family volunteers at one meet, we will be able to have three very success meets that lead to three great experiences for your athlete. Once the meet schedule is released, I need each family to look over the three meet dates that will be labeled “WAA track meet” and return the volunteer form as to which meet you will be able to volunteer at.   By doing so, you can guarantee that your athlete will have an enjoyable experience.

There is no need for track & field experience to volunteer. I will place you only in a position that you feel comfortable doing. Below are several of the needed positions and the responsibility and knowledge that you need to successfully work that position.

Running event referee: headed by Coach Mike—under Mike’s guidelines line athletes up behind their grade sign and keep the younger athletes there until time to walk them over to the start line

Heat Assigner Runner: Older siblings of runners are great at this job. They literally run our heat assignment sheets from the staging area to the finish line

Announcer: This job is great for a confident person with a loud voice. You will sit in the box with the PA system, and three of us will have walkie talkies to tell you when & what to announce (no track knowledge needed)

Finish Line Judges: This job is best handled by a couple of organized people. There are signs posted on the fence (1st-8th place). As the athletes cross the finish line, one of you sends them to the proper place sign, the other person stands at the finish line with a clip board where a third person calls out to you the order of lane finish. The person with the clipboard writes down the order & then hands off the heat sheet to the finish line table.

Ribbon Officials:  This is a job that takes another team effort. You will take pre-packed sets of ribbons (1-8th place) and walk to the athletes standing in front of the finish place signs and hand them the coinciding ribbon.

Main finish line Timers: These spots are for 4 people who can stay the entire meet, as you are sitting at a laptop at the finish line and are responsible for pushing your coordinating button that coincides with your assigned athlete crossing the finish line.

100 Meter Finish Line: This is a short time commitment. You report to the East side of the track 10 minutes prior to the 100 meter dash. You are handed a lane plunger (looks like a microphone with a little red button) that is assigned to a certain lane. You have to hit your red button on your plunger when your assigned runner crosses the finish line. Then you need to state to the finish line judge, the place that your athlete took in that heat. You do this for approximately 7-10 heats and then your job is done.

100 meter run coordinator: The timing machine is overseen by Coach John, but you oversee the volunteers reporting their assigned runners finish place to you. You write down the athletes place on the heat sheet and someone will collect those from you after every few heats. Again this is a short time commitment, but the 30-40 minutes are busy minutes.

100 meter run ribbon official: Take pre-packaged stacks of ribbons and hand them to each runner as they cross the finish line. This job runs smoother if you grab another parent or two standing at the finish line & have them help you in the order of the finishers.

Shot & discus judge/recorder/measurer: the knowledge of shot & discus is helpful for the judge, but as recorder, measurer, you only need to be able to measure from the boards to the shot/disc and then record the throw onto a clipboard.

Softball Throw-judge, recorder: this job is perfect for anyone. There are two “shifts” the first is for the younger athletes. You are in the middle of the field, the kids throw the softball, you hand them a 1-3rd place ribbon depending on which set of cones they throw to. The second shift for the older athletes, You measure the throw & record it behind their name on the clipboard.

Long Jump-judge, recorder, assistant: This job takes 8 volunteers. We have a coach that heads it that has the knowledge. The other 7 people needed: 1 person- rakes the pit: 2 people to measure (one for boys, one for girls) : 1 person to record-write down the jump on a clipboard that is organized by grade/gender: 3 people to run the “open long jump” for our younger athletes. Sets of three cones are set up, they jump, you hand them a 1-3 place ribbon depending on which set of cones they jump to.


Concessions: 2-3 people needed to run the stand selling food & beverages. A third or fourth person is needed as a Grill master to cook up the hotdogs & hamburgers that have been great sellers for us.


Thank you for your interest in the WAA Track & Field program. I look forward to working with you, our coaches & the participants to enhance their love of a lifelong sport! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.


Corey Johnson

WAA Track & Field Director


Each family is permitted to choose the meets in which they want their athlete to participate. This year we will have about twelve meets available to us. A meet schedule is in its final revision and will be sent out once confirmed in April by e-mail to all registered participants. Most of these meets have a small fee associated with them that must be paid by each participant at each meet. We (WAA) will host three meets this year.  We will host 2 meets in June and one meet in July.  There is no formal carpool or bus transportation to any of the meets. It is up to the parents to get their children to the meets they want to attend, to stay with their child, and to transport their child back home. Coaches are available for your children every   Tuesday & Thursday, but are at a minimum at meets. There is a WAA Track & Field tent that will be set up at each meet to provide a meeting place, camaraderie and a shaded spot from inclement weather.


The program is based on introducing and refining track and field technique through positive feedback coaching process. This process emphasizes fundamentals, fitness, flexibility and form. Most important however, is the presentation of track and field as a fun, enjoyable and rewarding athletic activity that can become a lifelong healthy lifestyle.


A program of any size requires a lot of people to help in order for it to be successful. Since our program continues to increase annually, the number of volunteers needs to increase as well. In order to keep the membership cost down, I am asking for parent volunteers to help us at the meets. There are many ways to help, including: handing out uniforms, selling sweat suits, staffing our concession stand during our three home meets, timing (running a stop watch) helping register, etc, etc. The money we make at the concession stand will help offset the cost of our program and help us attain some more new equipment.

Please fill out the below form and return it to me if you are willing to help with running the concession stand, or with helping at the track meets.

It is required that each family earn a minimum of two "volunteer points" per participant in order to help our program run at its best. Additional information will be sent out regarding volunteer requirements and opportunities as we near the start of the season.