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3rd/4th Grade Division

WAA 3rd-4th Grade Football Key Information

  • Teams of approximately 20 to 35 players
  • Teams are divided by grade
  • Tackle-Bar for Both grade levels
  • Play in Metro East Youth Football League, a semi-competitive league in and around the East metro area
  • Practices and games on nights and weekends
  • Practices held at Woodbury Middle School
  • All coaches are trained and certified in heads-up tackling
  • Season runs from first week of August through mid-October

The WAA Football for 3rd and 4th graders has been formed with the following concerns and/or criteria in mind

  • A desire to introduce and continue the positive football experience and education that parents and players have received as members of the Woodbury Athletic Association program.
  • The opportunity to expose youth football players to the concepts and structure of tackle football by slowly integrating contact over the course of two years by using the Tacklebar program.
  • The desire to teach youth football players the importance of a team concept, respect, dedication, discipline, and will power.
  • The opportunity to develop players to someday compete at the highest level possible to further the development and competitive opportunities for WAA players.
  • The desire to provide an option in addition to the local Community Education programs.
  • The opportunity to further develop, and ensure the development of, football players with the common understanding of the offensive and defensive schemes, terminology, and core beliefs shared by the Woodbury High School football program with the acknowledgement that a majority of WAA football players will move on to play at Woodbury High School.


WAA Football is excited to offer TackleBar as the only option for 3rd and 4th grade.  This is a modified version of tackle football including full pads with similar rules but with limited contact and tackling to the ground.  This will provide a safer transition from flag to tackle football as your child matures each year.   Visit the TackleBar website for more information.   Click here for a short intro video.


  • Decreases injuries by reducing hits and high impact collisions
  • Teaches proper shoulder tackling technique
  • Ideal transition between flag football and tackle football
  • Increases participation

Thank You for your continued interest and support of WAA football!

For more information contact Nick Sullivan.