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It can be overwhelming for parents new to the sport of wrestling. But be patient, open-minded, and understand there are going to be highs and lows and ups and downs along the way. Let it all happen naturally. When it does, that’s when being a wrestling parent suddenly becomes one of the greatest experiences of being involved in youth sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who can wrestle for Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) Youth Wrestling team?
A.  The simple answer is anyone.  Our program has welcomed wrestlers from Woodbury and the greater east metro area since becoming part of the WAA.

Q.  Why wrestle with WAA youth wrestling and not another program?
A.  The 2018/19 season is the 18th season for our youth wrestling program.  Year after year, our WAA wrestling club has continued to have successful seasons.  Many of our youth wrestlers have continued on and have competed for area high school teams.  2018 will mark the fifth year for our coaching staff who has brought an excitement and consistency to our program, bringing it to a more competitive level.   Learn more about our principles and focus

Q.  When do practices and the season begin?
A.  Practices generally begin in November and the season starts in December and continue through March.  Check our calendar for more details.

Q.  Who is the coach?
A.  We have a blend of volunteer and paid for coaches.  All coaches have been thoroughly screened and hold either Copper or Bronze Certification through USA Wrestling.  The head coach is Jeremy Loch. The coaches are also assisted by current and former high school wrestlers who volunteer their time. 

Q.  How much will it cost?
A.  Intro to Wrestling is $40, Folkstyle  is $140 for the season.  You will also need to purchase a MN/USA card (, which you will need if want to wrestle in any MNUSA tournaments (which all the state qualifying tournaments are) along with Woodbury Youth Wrestling is a Charter Club & the MN/USA Card is required for all active members.

Q.  When are sign ups?
A.  2018/19 Season Registration is open now.

Q.  What does my child need to participate?
A.  In certain tournaments headgear may be required.  Otherwise shorts without pockets or zippers and a t-shirt is all you need.  Woodbury offers the option to purchase or rent the team singlet.  In special circumstances, Woodbury wrestlers can complete in a singlet alternative (shorts and a shirt).  Most wrestlers are more comfortable in wrestling shoes.

Q.  Where can you buy wrestling gear?
A.  You can purchase gear at any sanctioned tournament or online at any number of websites.  More info to come after the season kicks-off regarding club singlets.

Q.  What is the difference between Folkstyle and Freestyle/Greco Roman wrestling?
A.  Without getting into the nuances of each style, understand that each wrestling style has their own rules which dictate how you can and cannot wrestle, the length of the match, the number of periods per match, and how points are scored.  Folkstyle is the most common wrestling style in the United States.  It's also the style high school and collegiate wrestlers compete in the United States.  Freestyle and Greco Roman are each their own style and are more common in all other parts of the world.  Olympic wrestlers compete in these two styles.  There are a number of good websites you can find with a internet search if you want to know more specifics on each wrestling style.  You can also read the PDF below called "Folkstyle Basics" or the "Youth Wrestling Guide".

Q.  What if something happens, do you offer a refund in the middle of the season? 
A.  We handle these on a case by case bases.  Our general rule of thumb is we will refund a prorated amount for extenuating circumstances such as medical or relocation scenarios.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have any questions or would like to get involved with the program?
Logan McAlpin