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About Us

Our youth wrestling club is located in Woodbury, MN and is part of the Woodbury Athletic Association.  Our team is comprised of kids in and around the east metro area and participates in a number of individual and team tournaments during the season. 

We have 5 primary goals as a wrestling club:

  1. Provide a positive, fun-filled experience
  2. Teach the participants the skills, rules, strategy and discipline of wrestling and encourage good sportsmanship, self-confidence and physical fitness
  3. Promote healthy and safe physical activity for all participants
  4. Build character by offering a positive experience, regardless of individual ability, stressing skill development and a positive attitude regardless of winning or losing
  5. Assist wrestlers in developing a reaching a personal goal. Every wrestler may have a different goal - for some it is to win a national championship and for others it may be to come to practice. Regardless of each wrestlers ambitions, we strive to help them work towards their goal.
As adults we must always keeping in mind, regardless of the situation - this is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS.   Not just a single kid, not your kid, my kid, the best kid, the worst kid, or a small group of kids – it is about serving each individual child in the program regardless of their ability, athleticism, skills, physical attributes, age, sex, race or any other factor.  We, as adults, must always conduct ourselves in a professional and (proper) adult-like manner. Our expectations, attitudes, opinions and all other perceptions must remain in perspective because we are dealing with young kids.