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Recreational Volleyball Rules & Guidelines

Service Rules

Server may serve underhand or overhand.  Server may catch their toss (or let the toss drop to the floor) without penalty.

3rd/4th Grade Level

  • The service will be from no closer than the 10 ft line.
  • It is the coach’s responsibility to move their own players back as skill and strength progress.
  • A second serve will be granted upon a service error (first service attempt only).
  • If the server’s team wins a rally, any subsequent service error results in loss of serve and a point for the opponent.
  • Server may not step on or over the ten foot line until the ball is released.  First offense per team is a warning; second offense is a service error.

5th/6th Grade Level

  • The service will be from no closer than a line 3 meters inside the end line. This is typically not marked so the area should be agreed upon with the coaches and referee prior to the start of the match.

For Both Age Groups

  • If a team wins the rally on a fifth service, the serving team will rotate to allow for a new player to serve.

Obstruction Rule

Any time the ball crosses the net, including a serve, it is not allowed to contact any overhead obstruction.

If there is an overhead obstruction that has any part directly over the in-play surface, and the ball contacts the overhead obstruction between the three hits allowed by a single team, the ball is in play.

Game Play

  • All matches are rally scoring, three games to 25 points, must win by 2 points.
  • If three games are completed prior to 50 minutes elapsing, teams may continue to play additional games until the 50 minute mark is reached
  • Teams will not switch sides prior to the third game.
  • A ball will be provided by the home team
    • 3rd/4th Graders: Molten First Touch v210
    • 5th/6th Graders: VolleyLite
  • A parent volunteer will also be provided by the home team to operate the scoreboard.
  • Coaches can optionally assign line judges.
  • Net Heights
    • 3rd/4th Graders:  use the minimum height on standards, between 6' to 6'-6".
    • 5th/6th Graders:  use the USAV standard 7'-0" (2.13 m).
  • One minute of shared serving should occur prior to the start of a match.

Tournament Rules

All of the above apply with one revision; if a match has to go to a third set, it will only be scored to 15, not 25. First two sets to 25, third set to 15.