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Off-Season Competitive Teams

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Follow this link to access forum discussions on off-season development.

Midwest 3-on-3 Leagues

Please refer to the link below for information on 3-on-3 leagues available in the spring, summer and fall.  

These leagues are a great way to work on skills needed in the traveling basketball season and a quality alternative to 5-on-5 basketball teams/leagues. 

More info:


AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball is one option for players wishing to work on their competitive skills in a 5-on-5 competitive environment during the off-season.  AAU teams primarily compete in the spring from the end of March to early June. Some AAU teams compete year-round outside the winter basketball season.

WAA players have also participated in teams from Blast Hoops, the Minnesota Ice and the Minnesota Heat. If your player has had a positive experience with an AAU team, please let us know!

WAA encourages off-season skill development through camps, clinics, 3-on-3 leagues, hours in the driveway, etc.  Playing for an AAU team will not have any direct impact on our team selection process for the upcoming season. 

Twin Cities Boys Hoops

A list of regional AAU Clubs

Northstar Hoops

A division of Prep Hoops, which gives coverage of college-bound prospects