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Volunteer Work Shift Requirements

Thank you for signing up for your WAA Travel Baseball Workshift.  The tournament schedules will be posted approximately 2 weeks prior to allow to see when your child is playing if you are volunteering that same weekend.  Please email Tara Welch at with any questions or if you would like more information on signing up for a shift at a different tournament or opting out.

Tournament Workshift Links

WAA Baseball Tournament Volunteers - Wear Your Hat!

Please sign the sign in sheet with your name and start and end times. This is how you will get credited with your shift completion.

Concessions - Must be 16 Years or Older!

First Shift of the Day:

  • Prepare coffee - the coffee makers take at least 30 minutes to percolate so this must be started IMMEDIATELY. Fill the pot with luke warm water and add grounds to the top of the sieve. Using a cup, pour water over the grounds to completely wet the grounds.
  • Wear gloves every time you are handling unpackaged food.
  • Add ice to tubs with drinks to start getting beverages cold.
  • Prepare wash tubs peinstructions at your site. If you are missing a cleaning product let us know!

Every Shift:

  • Make sure to sign in on the Volunteer check-in sheet.
  • Provide friendly customer service and answer questions when possible.
  • Clean counters periodically with Clorox wipe.
  • Serve general concessions from site. Add beverages to ice tubs often.
  • Restock candy and other items on the counters.
  • Replace water in Rinse/Wash/Sanitize sinks with new WARM water if it has cooled to room temperature. Bleach sanitizing solution (1 tbsp bleach per 2 gallons of H20).
  • Wear gloves when handling unwrapped items.
  • Sell Tournament Tee Shirts.
  • Give Scorecards to the Umpires and give them to the tournament director at your site when they are returned.
  • Maintain overall organization and cleanliness of stand.
  • Cash and Personal Checks made out to WAA Baseball accepted (Amount of Purchase Only).
  • Transfer excess cash to bottom of the cash box. Use quarter rolls as weights if windy.

Last Shift of the Day
• Close the concession window and organize remaining concessions for the next shift. Be sure NO perishables are left out.


GRILL – Must be 18 Years or Older!

First Shift of the Day

  • Prepare the grill and get the cooler for uncooked meatgrill tools and condiments.
  • Set up tables
  • Fill water jug for hand washing, get sanitizer and hand soap and catch pan.

Every Shift

  • Grill Hamburgers, Brats and Hot Dogs to 165 degrees – internal temp.
  • Uncooked meat must be stored in blue coolers containing ice pack.
  • Every 30 minutes record the temperature of the hamburgers, brats and hot dogs (may be asked to provide if we are inspected)Record temperatures on sheet provided.
  • Drain any standing water from coolersMeat must always be on ice when not being grilled.
  • Use a foil pan to keep burgers, brats and hot dogs warm once they are cooked - reserves are important during breaks between games as you will get rushes of people.
  • Place hamburger patty, brats or hot dog in bun using tongs or a spatula.
  • ALWAYS use gloves when handling unwrapped food and wear a hat. Long hair must be tied back. 

Important Work Shift Information

Please note changes to the timing of signing up and opting out in order to streamline this process and assist in making our tournament concessions run smoother. 

1. Travel Baseball families are required to sign up for one work shift per player, max two shifts per family.  Only WAA Travel Baseball Head Coaches and WAA Executive Baseball board members are exempt.  Families are encouraged to sign up for a work shift at their child's tournament or an earlier tournament, if available. If you are unable to work a shift, you must opt out at least one week prior to the last travel tournament of the season or a $300 fee will be imposed.  

2. We use an online sign-up to schedule our tournament work shifts.  The link to sign up for your work shift is on the WAA website along with your team's anticipated times and field locations.  I will also send an email out after uniform pick up which will allow you to sign up for your work shift for your tournament and it will provide additional information on opting out. If you do not receive an email from me within one week of uniform pick up, please check your junk/spam folder and email me if you do not have the info.  If you have an alternate or additional email addresses you would like work shift information sent, please contact me at and I will add it to my list.  Each tournament has multiple work shift opportunities including grill shifts (must be 18 years old to work the grill) and concession shifts (must be 16 years old to work the concession stand).  Everyone working a concession or grill shift must wear a hat or hair net. We also have set up and tear down work shifts.

3. We are once again working with WHS Band Boosters to allow families an opportunity to opt out of any required work shift prior to their tournament by contributing $150.00 per shift and Band Boosters will work a shift for you.  Checks should be written out to WAA Travel Baseball.  You can opt out and turn in your $150 check (or cash) at uniform pick up.  If you choose to opt out of your work shift, please contact me ( at least 7 days prior to your tournament so that we have adequate time to receive your payment and fill your spot.  Ex. if you have a AA player, please opt out at least 7 days prior to the AA tournament.  Contact me directly at if you wish to opt out and I will make the arrangements once I have your payment.  Your work shift requirement is not considered fulfilled until we receive your payment.  

4. When signing up for your shift, consider what complex your child will be playing...check the proposed pool game schedule if you are trying to work around your child's pool games.  Note that in the case of inclement weather, if games are canceled or times are changed, information regarding changes to work shifts will be updated on the WAA tournament website and it is your responsibility to check these updates.  If you have to cancel your work shift for any reason, please do so at least one week prior to your work shift so we can find a replacement and have you sign up for a work shift at a different tournament or give you the option of opting out.

5. At end of the season, if a family has not fulfilled a shift requirement, a $300.00 per shift fee will be imposed.  All fees go to WAA Travel Baseball.   

If you are interested in signing up for a shift at a tournament other than your player's designated tournament please contact me at and I will send you the link to your requested tournament approximately 2 weeks prior to that tournament for you to sign up for a shift.  If your child's tournament work shifts are completely filled you will have the opportunity opt out of your shift requirement for $150.00 or cover a work shift at another WAA travel tournament to avoid the $300.00 per shift fee. 

We are looking forward to the WAA Invitational Tournaments and are grateful for your cooperation in their success.  

Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at

Tara Welch