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Woodbury Area In-House Baseball League

Early Bird Registration PreK through 12th Grade


Spring Training Clinic

3/12/20 4:15pm: The City of Woodbury has closed HealthEast Sports Center until April 1st. 

We will refund sessions that we are not  able to make up or if you can not attend a rescheduled session.  Please be patient as we work through the very fluid COVID-19 situation.


WAA In-House Baseball Clinic

The baseball clinic will be run by WAA In-House Baseball.
All Sessions (except PreK-1st Grade) - Maximum 50 Campers 

When: 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7, 4/14

Where: HealthEast Sports Center

Cost: $15.00 Registration Fee per Session, plus processing fees

Proceeds from this clinic benefit the WAA In-House Baseball program

Clinic Times





PreK-1st Grades

Pitching/Catching I

2nd-4th Grades:  Infield/Outfield


PreK-1st Grades

Pitching/Catching I

2nd-4th Grades:  Infield/Outfield


Pitching/Catching I  and  II

5th Grade and up: Infield/Outfield


  Pitching/Catching I  and  II  

5th Grade and up: Infield/Outfield


2nd-4th Grades:  Hitting

5th Grade and up:  Hitting


Spring Training Sessions

PreK-1st Grade (2 Sessions) - Fun with Baseball
Age-appropriate Fundamentals (Throwing, Catching and Hitting Off a Tee)
Sessions will consist of 50 minutes of rotating station fun!
Equipment Needed: Baseball glove and helmet, if you have one
BATS WILL BE PROVIDED, Please do not bring your own

2nd Grade and Up
Pitchers and Catchers have reported to Spring Training. It is time to learn proper warm-ups, preparation and drills needed for safe, successful pitching. Session I will include fun warm-up drills as well as a throwing session to prepare for a fun Spring and Summer. 
Campers will be grouped with similar ages for station work.
Equipment Needed: Baseball glove

2nd Grade and Up
Session I required for Session II
Pitchers take the next step in Spring Training to work on age-specific pitching skills, continue proper warm-ups, and arm safety. Station work will include short pitching stations, simulated long toss, and other age-appropriate drills.
Catchers will move into individual drills, working with a pitcher, and learning proper technique when throwing to bases.
Campers will be grouped with similar ages for station work.
Equipment Needed: Baseball glove

2nd - 4th Grades (2 Sessions )
Basic Infield/Outfield station work: Learning proper technique, throwing, and working together as a team. This session will focus on moving players through stations designed to help improve fundamentals related to defense and communication. Defense wins games!
Campers will be grouped with similar ages in their drills.
Equipment Needed: Baseball glove

Grades 5 and Up (2 Sessions)
Infield/Outfield work adjusted for those with more time playing baseball. There will be station work focusing on proper angles, footwork, and movement without the ball. Defense wins championships!
Equipment Needed: Baseball glove

Grades 2-4, Grades 5 and Up
This session consists of hitting drills. Station work will have tee work using weighted balls, restricted flight balls, and Skillz balls.
There will also be opportunity to hit Live pitching.
Campers will be arranged by age group, and placed in age-appropriate hitting exercises.
Equipment Needed: Helmet, Bat (there will be bats available)


Woodbury Area In-House Baseball Information

This website services the Woodbury Area In-House Baseball program which is a co-operative program between the Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) and the East Ridge Athletic Association (ERAA). The In-House program will accommodate ages 12th grade down to Pre-K.

Register your player based on the grade level your child is in during the CURRENT school year. Children are NOT allowed to play "up."  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.  

In order to be eligible for Pre-K, your child must be 5 years old on or before 9/1 to be eligible to play at in the In-House program.


Woodbury Area In-House Baseball requires all players to provide their own batting helmet and glove. Bats will be provided to each team in all grade levels. Bat rules have been updated as of Feb 2019. More detailed equipment requirements/recommendations are under the EQUIPMENT link in the toolbar at the top of the page.