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Woodbury Area In-House Baseball League

Changes this year:

Changing the 7th-8th grade league that plays on 75 foot bases to be 7th-9th grade and continue playing on 75 foot bases.

Last year we had our 9th-12th grade team join SCVAA Sr. High League and played against non-Woodbury teams.  The non-Woodbury teams were 10th-12th grade.  We will still be playing in the SVCAA Sr. High League but are recommending that 9th graders play in the 7th-9th grade league.  9th graders will have the option to play in the Sr. High league, but it is strongly recommended they play in the 7th-9th grade league. 


Woodbury Area In-House Baseball requires all players to provide their own batting helmet and glove. Bats will be provided to each team in all grade levels. Bat rules have been updated as of Feb 2019. More detailed equipment requirements/recommendations are under the EQUIPMENT link in the toolbar at the top of the page.

Woodbury Area In-House Baseball Information

This website services the Woodbury Area In-House Baseball program which is a co-operative program between the Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) and the East Ridge Athletic Association (ERAA). The In-House program will accommodate ages Pre-K though 7th/8th grade. We also provide a High School league that plays in the SCVAA Sr. High League.

ALL levels are based off grade level your child is in during the CURRENT school year. Children are NOT allowed to play "up."  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.  

In order to be eligible for Pre-K, your child must be 5 years old on or before 9/1 to be eligible to play at in the In-House program.