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The following are some equipment guidelines that should help you prepare for the season.





·         All Grades: Adequate footwear must be worn (e.g., no sandals)

·         All Grades: Rubber cleats may be worn but are not required.

·         7th grade and up: Metal spikes may be worn but are not required.

Protective Cups

·         Pre-K to 1st grade: Not required.

·         2nd grade and up: Boys must wear a protective cup.

Legal Bats

** Coaches are provided bats for their team, but if you decide to buy your own, below are the bat regulations for each grade. Composite bats (non T-Ball and non-wood bats) must be labeled with USSSA or USA Mark on them to be legal for use in Woodbury Area In-House Baseball play.  Bats for 7th grade and up can also have BBCOR mark.


·         Pre-K to Kindergarten: Any bat that has a “T-Ball” label and is less than 17 oz. may be used.

·         1st grade: Any bat that has a “T-Ball” label and is less than 20 oz. may be used.

·         2nd  to 4th grade: Max. length is 33 in.; max. barrel is 2¼ in. (no “big barrel” bats); unlimited differential.

·         5th/ 6th grade :

  • Max. length is 33 in.  
  • Max. barrel is 2 3/4 in.  
  • Unlimited differential  for 2 ¼“barrel bats
  • Max.  differential for barrels greater than 2 ¼” is -10.

·         7th/ 8th/9th grade: Max. length is 34 in.; max. barrel is 2 3/4 in.; max. differential is -5 (unlimited differential for 2 ¼ in. bats).

·         High School: Max. length is 36 in.; max. barrel is 2¾ in.; max. differential is -3.  

Bat Stamps