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General Information


Traveling baseball requires a significant time commitment from both players and parents, from April through July, and the possibly early August.  Every players presence is important and  he/she is expected to attend all practices, league games and tournament games.  Unexcused absences will result in a reduction of playing time.


Commitment from our parents is VERY IMPORTANT!  In order for our association to be a success and for our children to maximize their joy of playing traveling baseball your participation is MANDATORY.  We require families to put in a 5-hour shift per child (up to two children maximum) for working the tournaments. It is up to the family of the player to determine who is going to work the hours needed for that tournament.



You have the ability to opt-out of working a 5-hour shift for a tournament through a $150 tax-deductible donation (per child) to the Woodbury Band Boosters.  The Woodbury Band Boosters will provide a high-school age student to work your 5-hour shift.  If you are unable to work your 5-hour shift and do not opt-out through the Woodbury Band Booster arrangement, a $300 fee will be assessed to your child's WAA baseball account.  This fee would need to be paid before your child would be able to participate the following season.


WAA is a youth organization that serves the city of Woodbury and the children who attend the schools within the Woodbury city limits.  WAA Travel Baseball is not directly affiliated with any High School.  WAA Travel Baseball has and will include input from both East Ridge and Woodbury High Schools baseball programs.  All participants will be treated fairly and equally regardless of what school the player attends or what school the player will attend both private and public.

Games and Practices

Indoor practices will begin around January / February.  League play begins in May and continues through July, with approximately 16 weekday league games, plus 3 to 5 regular season tournaments played on weekends.  The number of tournaments, and whether or not one is played out of town, is at the discretion of the coaches.  Post season tournament play (state and national events) is by invitation and depends upon success in qualifying tournaments during the season.


All fees for indoor practices and tournaments are assessed equally to all members of each team whether they are able to attend or not.