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Tryout Information

2019 Travel Baseball Info

As the 2018 season is coming to a close this month, planning for the 2019 travel season is already underway.  If you are not familiar with the WAA Travel program, this email will give you a high level understanding and resources to contact to get more information. As always, WAA is open to all residents of Woodbury, regardless of high school boundaries.

Age Levels:

Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) fields competitive travel teams from the U10 - U15 age levels.  New this year, if you are registering for U10, your player must be at least 9 years old by August 31 of the playing year.  To determine what age level your child could play at, see the grid below:


May 1, 2008 - August 31, 2010


May 1, 2007 - April 30, 2008


May 1, 2006 - April 30, 2007


May 1, 2005 - April 30, 2006


May 1, 2004 - April 30, 2005


May 1, 2003 - April 30, 2004 


These are age restrictions placed by the Minnesota Baseball League (MBL).  We as a baseball association are fully aware that that they do not align with grade levels. We apologize in advance for any issues that this may cause.  Historically we have had 9 and 10 year olds mixed at our U10 level.  Depending on enrollment numbers each year, we decide if a U9 only team can be formed.  That information will not be known until after tryouts.


For WAA, registrations will open on Monday, August 13th here.  There is a $350 initial deposit at the time of registration.  A full refund is given to families if a player is not placed on a travel team.  


WAA hold tryouts for the 2019 season THIS September.  The exact dates are listed below:


  •  Sept 8 / 9  Health East Sports Complex

Attendance is mandatory to be eligible or the 2019 season.  To find out more about tryouts, see the following links: WAA Tryouts.   This site will continually be updated through mid August.  The specific times are not yet set, but will run approximately 8:00 - 12:00 each day. 


If you are thinking about travel baseball, or new to the Woodbury area, we are here to help!  We will hold a 2019 Parent Meeting at the following time:

Tuesday, August 21st 7:00 - 8:30pm

Woodbury High School Lecture Hall*

*Enter the high school through the south doors and there will be signs posted for directions.

This session is designed for families new to travel baseball, but anyone interested in hearing about Travel Baseball for WAA is welcome.  We will be covering topics such as: 

  • Overview of Season / What to Expect
  • Tryout Process
  • Levels of Play
  • Selection Process
  • Budget Example and Breakdown


If you are interested in being a head coach for the 2019 season, our application is now up on our Travel Page.  Please download and complete the document, and submit.  Applications are due by 8/17.  Interviews will be scheduled in late August/early September.

Tryouts for the 2019 Season

Tryouts will be held at Health East Sports Complex the weekend of September 8-9.  We will follow a similar format to last year with some modifications. Those modifications will be posted below by 8/15.  While timings for the days have not been finalized, the early plan is to go from:

8 - 12:00 on Saturday, Sept 8

8 - 12:00 on Sunday, Sept 9

Tryout Details

The Sunday portion of the tryout is NOT evaluated but it is mandatory.  This portion of the tryout allows coaches to see other skillsets of potential bubble players.  We will allow coaches to take notes as they see players but they are not part of the overall evaluation score. 

Tryout Fee

Effective July, 2014, the initial tryout payment fee will be changed to $350.  This eliminates the need for a payment at uniform fitting, with the exception of any Spirit Wear purchases.  The balance remaining on your individual account is paid at uniform pickup in April each year.

Once tryouts are completed, no refunds are given.  A full refund will be given (or balance transferred to Woodbury Area In-House fees) if your child is not picked for a WAA travel team.

Injury / Illness Absence

A player who has registered for tryouts and cannot participate due to an injury or illness will be excused,  prior to the start of the tryout session, upon delivery of a doctors note describing the players limitations.  A player excused due to injury or illness must present a signed doctors release indicating that the player is medically fit before he/she will be allowed to participate in any WAA activity.   A player who misses more than 50% of the scheduled tryout sessions due to illness or injury, and provides a doctors excuse, may be granted a special tryout, once he/she provides a doctors release to participate.


** Waivers due to injury, Illness or other:  The travel baseball board will acknowledge a waiver of player to be placed on a travel team due to injury, illness or other verifiable reason.  The waiver process will consist of written evaluations by the players former coaches with a suggested level of play for the up coming season.  Player rankings from prior tryouts will be taken into consideration and current year’s stats.  U10 players will not be waivered.  Any U10 player that misses tryouts will fall to the “C” level as there is no basis of comparison to fairly grant a waiver.


** WAA may conduct a winter or spring supplemental tryout.  This tryout is designed to fill any open roster positions available.  There are a VERY limited number of roster positions available (usually one or two per team) and these will be filled at the coaches discretion.

Player Identification

Each player will be identified by a number assigned at the tryout sessions.  A player must not wear clothing from a prior years traveling team, use any paraphernalia identifying him/her as a  previous traveling player or wear any article of clothing with his/her name on it.  Failure to comply will result in the player not being evaluated.


WAA and ERAA have a mutual agreement that once a player is placed on a roster of another organization, he is ineligible to tryout for a team from one of the other organizations.

Player Evaluation

Every players baseball skills will be evaluated by a team of impartial evaluators provided by the Traveling Baseball Board.  The evaluators will be people  who are known to possess the knowledge necessary to evaluate a players skill at a particular level.  Evaluators will not be related to any of the tryout participants involved in their assigned age level. The evaluation scores will be the primary basis used to select the players for each traveling team.  Age level coaches will act as tryout assistants however will be instructed NOT to talk to the players or the evaluators during the tryout.

Player Selection

Players will be placed on a team based upon their own merits (skills, athletic ability, hustle, enthusiasm, and coach ability)  If players have played on a previous years team, their prior commitment, character and parent issues may also be considered. No player will be placed on a team over a more deserving candidate because he/she has previously played on a traveling team.  If the provisional Coach’s child does not make the team, the coach must either relinquish his / her job or else continue to coach the team with out his/her child.  Each team will consist of 11 or 12 players.  The highest ranking six players based on the evaluators scores and their own merit will qualify for the AAA team.  The Provisional Coach then has the discretion to fill out the roster from the remaining top 18 ranked players. 


**  In the event evaluation scores clearly show there is enough players to form additional AAA teams the highest rated players will be equally divided among teams until each team has equally divided the top twelve players.  The remaining roster spots will be filled by the Provisional Coaches selecting from the next highest rated 18 players.


AA and A teams be will selected equally based on the evaluators scores and player histories in a player “draft” format. Discretionary selections made by the provisional coach will be based on sound baseball logic and the needs of the team, and will be done so with the assistance of one or more members of the traveling baseball board.

Player History

WAA Travel Baseball incorporates a post season player evaluation that is completed by the coaches (head and asst.).  Each player’s evaluation will be assigned scores based on hitting, fielding, and overall baseball ability.  These scores will then be weighted (A, AA and AAA) and added to the tryout results.  The player history component accounts for approximately 55% of  a players overall score.  Players new to the program will be given the average coaches evaluation score based on the following criteria:

  • All "AAA" and "AA" new to WAA will receive the average coach’s evaluation score of the "AA" level.
  • All "A", In-House and other incoming players that did not play at a MBL designated level last year will receive the average coaches evaluation score of the "A" level.

The purpose of this measure is to “quantify” the player histories in the hopes that we are placing players in the proper level of play.

 ** Player histories will not be considered at the 10yr age level since they have no “history” in travel baseball.

Born between:    
U10 May 1, 2008 - August 31, 2010
U11 May 1, 2007 - April 30, 2008
U12 May 1, 2006 - April 30, 2007
U13 May 1, 2005 - April 30, 2006
U14 May 1, 2004 - April 30, 2005
U15 May 1, 2003 - April 30, 2004