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General Policies


Every players presence is important and is expected.  Unless otherwise exempted by the coach, all players are expected to attend all practices, league games, and tournament games.  Excused absences will be granted for school and religious events, however, it is expected that the coach will be notified in advance of such events. Unexcused absences will result in a reduction of playing time.


The traveling Baseball Board reserves the right to suspend any coach, parent, or player who violates the WAA code of ethics provided by the WAA board of directors.  Suspensions will be documented and distributed to the WAA  board of directors.


A coach or umpire may suspend any player , parent, or assistant coach who acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, as described in the Behavioral section.  Subsequent violations may result in the player, parent, or assistant coach being removed from the program.  All violations must be reported to the Traveling Baseball Board.

Player Removal

Once a team is selected, a coach cannot replace a team member solely because of lack of skills.  A player may be released for the following specific reasons.

  • Frequent , flagrant disregard of the players responsibilities
  • Displaying an uncaring attitude which results in not applying oneself, thus hurting the teams competitive potential.
  • Failure to work within a team environment (placing self-interest before the teams)
  • Repeated unsportsmanlike behavior

Before removing the player the coach must discuss the situation with the Director and the players parents and attempt to correct the situation.  The discussion should include an objective description of the behavior and of the intended discipline.  If this fails to correct the situation, the coach must then notify the appropriate the Program Director  who must approve any further action.  The Program Director must in turn notify the WAA Board of Directors of the action taken within 48 hrs of its occurrence.  Written documentation must be given to the Traveling Baseball Board.

Playing Time

Minimum playing time for our teams will be four defensive innings per game.  The starting lineup will provide an opportunity for every player to have a place in the batting order. (U10-U13)

Minimum playing time for 14-15 year old teams will be three innings defensively.

*  Some game situations (e.g. 10 run rule) may prevent this from happening in a specific game

** Some MSF State and Qualifying tournaments for 13 yr olds use a nine man batting order so an equal number of at bats for each player during tournament play is highly unlikely.  During any such any such tournaments playing time rules for the 14 - 15 yr olds will apply.

** Coaches will have the right to limit game time to players in the case of discipline, attitude or attendance problems.

**  Coaches will have the right to field the best possible lineup in order give the team the best opportunity to win the tournament.  Minimum playing time shall continue to be in effect.

Coaches at the A and AA for all levels and coaches at the 10, 11 and 12 year old levels (all levels) are encouraged to move players into the infield and outfield each game for a minimum of one inning per game. 

Infield positions include 1st, 2nd, Short Stop, 3rd, Pitcher, Catcher. 

** Most if not all travel organizations do NOT have a minimum playing time policy and do NOT have a position policy.  ALL playing time / position questions should be discussed at the team parent meetings so parents and coaches are on the same page.

Coach Selection

Anyone who desires to be a head coach must fill out an application at registration time or contact the Traveling Baseball Director before the selection process is completed.  Interviews and selection of Provisional coaches will be held in August.


Selection as a provisional coach in no way guarantees that the coachs child will be selected for a given team.  All candidates are informed during their interview that their status as coach (if selected) will be provisional upon their child qualifying for that team via the tryout/evaluation process.  If the player qualifies for a different team, or no team, the Provisional Coach will will be excused, and a new coach will be selected from the parent/coach applicants of the players who were chosen for the team.


Primary selection criteria include past baseball coaching and playing experience, personal coaching and human development philosophies, organizational skills, strong moral and ethical characteristics, support of traveling baseball and WAA policies/ procedures, and the applicants commitment to devote several hundred hours to the program during the season.  Coaches responsibilities begin in late February with tournament selection and entry, league meetings, and organization of tryouts.  They end in September with equipment check-in, season reviews, recommendations/feedback, and performance evaluations.


**  Coach’s Evaluations will have a SIGNIFICANT role in the selection process.

While it is important that a traveling team coach have expertise in the sport, it is just as important for the coach to have the welfare of the individual player’s character and confidence development foremost in mind. Even a person of integrity, sincerity, and high idealism needs other qualifications (i.e. the ability to remain even-tempered under pressure, the ability to discover ways to impart his/her knowledge to each individual player, and the ability to understand children, to relate to them, and to be sensitive to their developmental requirements)

Coach Removal

Removal of a team coach is a very serious situation and must be dealt with in a fair and open manner.  Coaches may be removed for the following reasons:

  • Failure to perform duties
  • Conduct detrimental to the players, the team, the organization, and / or the parents
  • Abusive behavior, whether physical or psychological, towards players, parents, opposing players, coaches, spectators, umpires,, volunteers or league officials.

In order to remove a coach, a written complaint must be submitted to the Program Director.  If there is sufficient justification based on written or verbal communication with the majority of the  team’s parents a hearing before the Traveling Baseball Board will be held.  The vote of a simple majority will be sufficient to dismiss the coach.  Written documentation must be given to the WAA board of directors.


The highest standards of sportsmanship will be expected from the players, parents, coaches, umpires, and spectators.  Conduct that will not be tolerated includes verbal abuse, tantrum-like acts, profanity, physical aggression on or off the field, and acts intended to cheat the spirit of the rules or to intimidate the umpires.


Umpires may use their discretion whether to issue a warning or to immediately eject the violator (coach, player, or spectator) from the game.  The umpires and/or coaches are responsible for reporting all incidents to the Traveling Baseball Board. Subsequent violations may result in suspension from play and/or attendance.  If a parent or player has a problem with the performance of an umpire, he/she should direct his/her concerns to the team's coach. The coach represents the WAA Traveling Baseball program and should be the only person communicating with the umpires. One of the objectives of the program is to teach respect for the officials and the proper procedure for dealing with any problems with the umpires.  Unless playing in the field, at bat, on base, on deck, or coaching, all players shall remain on the bench.  It is mandatory that each batter, on deck player, runner, player in a coach's box, or non-adult bat/ball  shagger on the field wear a batting helmet that meets NOCSAE standards.  Players will treat their coaches, parents, teammates, the umpires, and the opposition with respect. After each game, the participants will line up and shake hands. Spectators are restricted to the areas that are "out of play" and away from the benches.

Stance regarding "club" teams during regular season

Parents of WYAL/ERAA/WAA travel baseball players:
Recently, the directors of all 3 travel baseball associations in Woodbury have been made aware of the attempt that "club" teams have been making towards starting a summer league for these teams.  Based on the recent Travel Director's meeting for the Metro Baseball League, we agreed that the stance toward these teams, in relation to our community-based teams will be as listed below. 
Please know that these will be drafted in our bylaws as the stance that all 3 associations will have:
* If a player has tried out for one of the associations and been placed on a team in the fall, that player will be unable to play on any "club" team during the regular "season" of the community-based team.  This "season" is dictated by the start of the league regular season (late April) through the completion of all 3 state tournaments (MBT/GSTC/MSF), which is late July.
* If a player is known to have played with a "club" team during that "season," the association has the ability to declare that player ineligible to play for the community-based team for the remainder of that "season."  All 3 associations will work together to determine if a player has played with a "club" team before that player is declared ineligible.
* If a player is on a roster of a "club" team, that "club" team is considered, at a minimum, to be considered a 'AAA' team.  Any player that is on a community-based team that is below the 'AAA' level is ineligible to be on a roster of a 'A' or 'AA' team and on the roster of a "club" team during the regular "season" as being on a "club" team roster disqualifies that player from playing at a level below 'AAA.'
* The 3 travel directors have worked with the City of Woodbury to keep "club" team off of fields within the City of Woodbury during the regular "season."
* The wishes of the 3 travel directors is that the "season" is for community-based teams.  We are not interested in eliminating "club" teams, nor are we interested in competing with them.  In fact, we believe that "club" teams have a positive purpose, but during the time between the end of the regular "season" and mid-April.
* Older players may "double-roster" with community-based travel teams and community-based teams such as VFW, Senior Babe Ruth and American Legion, provided there is a working agreement between coaches of both teams.  If a player has been placed on the roster of a community-based travel baseball team, that should be the player's priority.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact your association's baseball director.