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WAA Office Hours
2:00 to 6:00 PM
651-731-0359 fax

WAA Officers and Directors

Woodbury Athletic Association

The WAA office is located at 2630 Ojibway Drive, this is just off of the entrance to Ojibway Park at the South end of the High School Football Field, the Office hours are M-F 2PM to 6PM.

2630 Ojibway Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
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If you have needs of WAA that cannot be met during those hours, you can contact us at 651-731-0100, Fax us at 651-731-0359 or send us an email


Gene Johnson


Phone: (651) 238-4628

Bob Lawrence

Vice President

Phone: (651)731-0100

Clarice Clavin


Phone: (651)731-0100

Ryan Vaske


Phone: (651) 731-0100


Rich Orbel

Baseball Director

Phone: 612-269-4804

Kevin Wolff

Girls Basketball Director

Phone: 651-283-1997

Christine Smith

Boys Basketball Director

Phone: 651-707-5674

Chris Klein

Football Director

Phone: (612 290 9179

Desiree Siggens

Membership (Newsletter)

Phone: (651) 731-0100

Jason Barrientes

Soccer Director

Phone: (916) 910-5336

Nick Roberts


Phone: (651) 731-0100

Corey Johnson

Track director

Phone: (651) 738-1822

Leana Orne

Volleyball Director

Phone: 651-731-0100

Logan McAlpin

Wrestling Director

Phone: 651-304-0875

open open

I.T. Director