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In-House Basketball


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2022-2023 In-House Registration

The 2022-2023 In-House registration will open at the end of July and close in September.

Once registration closes, players will be put on the waitlist so please be sure to register by Sept 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sign up for In-house or Travel?

Learn more about each WAA program on our main page.

Do you have anything for K-2nd Grade?

Yes! Please see our K-2nd Page.

When is registration?

Registration opens in July and closes in September. Anyone who registers after the deadline will be placed on a waitlist (and only let in only if there is availability).

Girls In-house is for grades 3rd-8th grade.

Boys In-house is for grades 3rd-12th grade.

Can a player "play up" a grade level?

A player must register at their correct grade when registering for WAA In-House Basketball.  If you have questions about "playing up" please reach out to the Boys and Girls Basketball Directors.

What size basketball do I need?

Boys In-House
3rd/4th grades - 27.5 inch (Size 5)
5th/6th grades - 28.5 inch (Size 6)
7th grade and up - 29.5 inch (Size 7)

Girls In-House
3rd/4th grades - 27.5 inch (Size 5)
5th grade and up - 28.5 inch (Size 6)

What size hoop is used for each league?

3rd/4th grades - 9 foot hoop
5th grade and up - 10 foot hoop

How are In-House teams formed?

Players are rated at Shoot Around and those rankings are used to make EQUAL teams.

Players can make ONE friend request but both players must have each other's name requested in order to honor this. Multiple friend requests are not possible because of the need to make equal and fair teams.

What is a Shoot Around?

Teams are formed at Shoot Around in late September. The purpose of the Shoot Around is to make EQUAL teams.

Can I make a buddy request?

Players can make ONE friend request but both players must have each other's name requested in order to honor this. Multiple friend requests are not possible because of the need to make equal and fair teams.

When does the season start?

The season runs the Mid-October through Mid-February. Team formation happens at the end of September.

When are practices?

All teams will practice for 60 minutes, 2 days per week, at 833 elementary schools. Practices are based off gym availability given to us by district 833.

Your coach will email you in Oct on what days you will practice in Nov/Dec and then again in Dec for Jan/Feb.

Due to District 833 High School sports having priority, you will NOT know what days you practice before you register and days may be different week to week.

When are games?

All games are played on Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Game schedules will come out in Oct for Nov/Dec and end of Dec for Jan/Feb.

Coaches use Equal Playtime Sheets during the game so all players are given equal opportunities to play and develop as players.

How are coaches picked?

WAA relies on parent volunteers to coach. If you are interested in coaching, please indicate this on your child's registration. Each team will have one head coach and one/two assistant coaches. All coaches must complete a background check and the Trusted Coaches program prior to the start of the season.

WAA provides coaching clinics and a coaches page to help with planning practices and drills. Equal playtime sheets are used during games.

What other opportunities are there in Woodbury during the off-season?

Please visit our Camps and Clinic page or District 833 Community Education page for more information.


Parent Meeting Info

In-house Game and Practice Schedules

Practices start in November. Coaches will send out practice schedules for Nov/Dec at the end of Oct and for Jan/Feb over winter break.  

For both the boys and girls programs, teams will practice two nights per week and play games on Saturdays, typically in the morning or early afternoon.  We try to keep practice days consistent but schedules are based off gym times/locations that District 833 makes available to us. We know Wednesday and Friday practices are not ideal, but those dates cannot be avoided due to gym availability. Team Snap will be utilized for all teams to communicate practice/game schedules.

In-House Contacts

Volunteer Needed OPEN POSITION

3rd-12th Boys In-House Director

Angie Heldstab

3rd-8th Girls In-House Director

Eric Schutte

K-2nd Boys and Girls Director

Basketball Directors

Christine Smith

Boys Basketball Director

Lisa Vaske

Girls Basketball Director

Coaches Corner

Coaches CLICK HERE for the WAA Coaches Corner Page.

Many Thanks

We would like to thank the many volunteers who make WAA Basketball the success that it is.