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7th/8th Grade Division


WAA Traveling Football Key Information:

  • Teams of approximately 25 to 30 players
  • Play in competitive traveling league in and around the metro area
  • Practices, games, and film study on nights and weekends
  • Games and practices at Woodbury High School

The WAA Football for 7th and 8th graders has been formed with the following concerns and/or criteria in mind

  • A desire to continue the positive football experience and education that parents and players have received as members of the Woodbury Athletic Association program in grades 3 through 6.
  • The opportunity to compete at the highest level possible to further the development and competitive opportunities for WAA players.
  • The desire to host a traveling team at the 7th and 8th grade levels, but doing so in a manner that is not exclusive in the overall opportunity for a middle school player to continue to play football.
  • The desire to provide an option in addition to the local Community Education programs at Woodbury Middle School and Lake Middle School.
  • The opportunity to further develop, and ensure the development of, football players with the common understanding of the offensive and defensive schemes, terminology, and core beliefs shared by the Woodbury High School football program with the acknowledgement that a majority of WAA traveling players will move on to play at Woodbury High School.

Thank You for your continued interest and support of WAA football!

For more information contact Brian Prestholdt.