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Junior Volleyball

IMPORTANT INFO:  Season start is dependent on Covid-19 requirements and gym availability.  We are also waiting to hear how having high school volleyball move to Spring impacts JO VB.  We hope to have more information about starting JO VB season after the  school board meeting on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

What is Junior Volleyball?

Junior Volleyball is a youth competitive volleyball program that is played in the United States. USA Volleyball is the governing body for youth volleyball, and we play in the North Country Region. It is the largest region by numbers, with over 13,000 girls registered at all ages.

The Woodbury Volleyball Club is a local, community club.  We strive to provide girls excellent coaching and the opportunity to play at a higher level, all at a reasonable price.

The Woodbury Volleyball Club is open to all girls who live, or go to school in the city of Woodbury. First preference to being placed on a team goes to girls who meet these criteria. If there is room for players on teams, other girls from the surrounding area are also welcome.

Why Woodbury Volleyball Club

Team Size/Fair Play

  • Smaller team sizes vs. other clubs ensures more individualized attention when practicing for the benefit of player development, and more time on the court during matches, and sets.
  • WVC’s Fair Play policy ensures that all athletes who have attended practices and fully participated will see court time during matches.
  • Play will be fair, but not necessarily equal. 
  • Other for-profit clubs often take upwards of 12 athletes per team, and as a result, many of them see no meaningful court time during matches; this will not happen at WVC. All players will participate; this is a team effort.
  • The goal is to develope an entire team of athletes, and not just portion. 


  • How do we keep our costs down?
    • We are a non-profit organization.  We do not seek to make money by providing this service.
    • The program is run entirely by volunteers, so the overhead and administrative costs are minimal.
    • Being a non-profit, we are able to get the district school gyms at a significant discount compared to for-profit clubs.
    • We have a somewhat shorter season than for-profit clubs, to allow girls to pursue spring sports.


  • You get a feeling of being part of your community.
  • Playing in the community club often allows girls to play on a team with their teammates from school.
    • Building on existing relationships forms a stronger team.
    • Creates lifelong friendships.

Consumer Driven Approach

  • There are multiple opportunities to be on the board and help make decisions for the club.
  • In addition to being on the board, there are opportunities throughout the season for other types of volunteering.
  • The club welcomes input and ideas from parents.


The Woodbury Volleyball Club belongs to the athletes, parents and coaches of our community.  It exists only to serve the needs of our developing athletes.  It is OUR club!


Junior Program Information

More information on both our 11s and 12s-17s Junior Volleyball Programs can be found on the Junior Programs page.

Leana Orne

Junior Volleyball Director


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