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WAA Travel Baseball

2018 Woodbury Athletic Association Travel Baseball Teams

2018 Travel Team Information

WAA Baseball Families,

This evening, the 2018 WAA Travel Baseball rosters will be posted to our Travel Page.  Our program tries to put forth the most thorough and fair evaluation process possible.  Between the growth of the players' abilities, coupled with the influx of players that we have experienced this year, the decisions were not easy for our head coaches.  Unfortunately we were not able to place all players who registered on a team.  We did our best, but at some age levels we did not have enough to either add to, or form, additional teams.  We also experienced player movement, players either moving up or down a level, as we do every year, as players develop at different paces.

As you review the rosters, you will notice that some coaching positions are listed as "OPEN".  If you have an interest in head coaching, please reach out to me at Even if you're unsure, but want to find out more information, don't hesitate to contact me.  Our search also continues for a 15AAA coach.  We hope to have that search concluded by the end of October.

We do understand that this process can be stressful and emotional for some. If you have concerns, you may call and leave a message. I will begin to return calls on Monday.  For those that did not make a team, full refunds will be given.  That process will start early next week.

What happens next?  Your coaches will be given contact information and you should receive an introductory email within the next couple of weeks.  We will also be in communication regarding our indoor training program as we are making enhancements to that this year as well.   

Thanks,  Rich


Rich Orbell

Woodbury Baseball Director

612.269.4804 (cell)

Coaching Update - 15AAA

As we transition to 2018, I want to let all of our WAA families know about a change within our program.  Dave Hieb, our 15AAA coach, and I have been talking extensively about how to leverage Dave's experience and for him to have an impact at all age levels.   Dave has always served as a coaching coordinator within our program for years, but starting in 2018, we will take that to a higher level, where Dave will be active with all coaches and players.  

With Dave taking on an expanded role, he will transition out of coaching our 15AAA team.  We have already started looking for a replacement for that team.  It will be a paid, non-parent that we are searching for to fill Dave's shoes. 

I wanted to personally thank Dave for all his time and effort in support of WAA Baseball.

2018 Bat Requirements


A few things to note:

1.  You do NOT need a new bat at tryouts, or if you are participating, in fall league baseball. Your current bats are just fine.

2.  The 15’s will be able to use the USA stamped bat and also the BBCOR stamped bat that the 15’s and up has used the past few years

3.  WAA is currently coordinating a bat demo day in late October/early November.  Players will get the opportunity to test bats from multiple vendors.  More information on this will follow in the coming weeks.

4.  Do NOT get rid of your current bat, if they meet the age specifications listed below, as the other major association, MYAS (Gopher State), is NOT adopting these rules, and the older bats will be allowed currently. 

USA Baseball Bat Standards

**Proposed Bat Rules for 2018 (not final):

  • 9-13U Bats must be 2 1/4" unlimited weight differential or bats must be between 2 1/2" and 2 3/4"and have a –10 differential or less (i.e. 30” – 20.0 oz.) (USA stamped bat).
  • 14-U 14/15A Bats must be 2 3/4" or smaller with a -5 Differential or less. (USA stamped bat).
  • 15-U Bats must be 2 5/8”or smaller with a –3 or less. (USA stamped bat or the BBCOR stamped bat).
  • 14/15A can use either -3 or -5 bats. (-3 bats can be USA stamped bat or the BBCOR stamped bat, -5 bat must be USA stamped bat).