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WAA Travel Baseball

Open Travel Board Positions

If anyone is interested in the following positions, please contact me at  Thanks,  Rich


1.       Assistant Director: 

(a) Perform the duties of the Director in the absence or disability of the Director, provided he or she is authorized by the Director or Board so to act.

(b) Perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board or by the Director.

 2.       Fall Ball Coordinator

(a)    Lead efforts for WAA to formalize our Fall Ball program. 

(b)   Collaborate with individuals to acquire fields, disperse equipment, help form teams as necessary and work with existing leagues for registration.


3.       Tournament Director: 2 – 4 positions

(a)    Lead efforts in running 3 Invitational tournaments

(b)   Responsibilities will depend on number of individuals.  Primary responsibilities include registration collection, scheduling, and tournament oversight.

4.       Coaching Coordinator: 

(a)    Lead the efforts in the Aug/Sept coaching search, and ultimately select head coaches for WAA travel teams.

(b)   Maintain certification requirements for all head/assistant coaches to ensure compliance. 

(c)    Coordinate any coaching clinics as deemed necessary. 

(d)   Assist in team formation process.


5.       Tryout Coordinator: 

(a)    Lead efforts to plan, organize, and execute on all facets of tryouts. 

(b)   Assist in team formation process.

6.       Fundraising Coordinator: 

(a)    Lead efforts to organize fundraising for Travel Baseball.   As costs continue to rise in all areas of baseball, we would like to try and offset some of these costs by having a dedicated coordinator to lead these efforts. 

Coaching Update - 15AAA

As we transition to 2018, I want to let all of our WAA families know about a change within our program.  Dave Hieb, our 15AAA coach, and I have been talking extensively about how to leverage Dave's experience and for him to have an impact at all age levels.   Dave has always served as a coaching coordinator within our program for years, but starting in 2018, we will take that to a higher level, where Dave will be active with all coaches and players.  

With Dave taking on an expanded role, he will transition out of coaching our 15AAA team.  We have already started looking for a replacement for that team.  It will be a paid, non-parent that we are searching for to fill Dave's shoes. 

I wanted to personally thank Dave for all his time and effort in support of WAA Baseball.