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WAA Travel Baseball

2020 Travel Baseball Teams

2020 Travel Team Information

WAA Baseball Families,

This Friday evening, Sept 20th, the 2020 WAA Travel Baseball rosters will be posted to our Travel Page.  Our program tries to put forth the most thorough and fair evaluation process possible.  Between the growth of the players' abilities, coupled with the influx of players that we have experienced this year, the decisions were not easy for our head coaches.  Unfortunately we were not able to place all players who registered on a team.  We did our best, but at some age levels we did not have enough to either add to, or form, additional teams.  We also experienced player movement, players either moving up or down a level, as we do every year, as players develop at different paces.

As you review the rosters, you will notice that some coaching positions are listed as "OPEN".  If you have an interest in head coaching, please reach out to me at Even if you're unsure, but want to find out more information, don't hesitate to contact me.  

We do understand that this process can be stressful and emotional for some. If you have concerns, you may call and leave a message. I will begin to return calls or emails on Monday.  For those that did not make a team, full refunds will be given.  That process will start early next week.

Travel baseball continues to grow here at WAA.  We are fielding a record high 20 teams for next spring/summer.   If you visit our home Travel page, you will see the breakdown of levels for all 20 teams.  The board spent a great deal of time identifying the correct levels for all ages.  At the U12 level, the decision was made to go with 2 AA teams versus fielding a AAA.  While not an easy nor quick decision, it is one that was made in the best interest of all players at that age level.  The hope is to again field a AAA team in 2021.  

If you have a U9 player (3rd grader), please note that they could be listed either on the U9 or U10 teams, as at the 'A' level the teams will have both ages combined.

We will be also having a U14 'A' team as well as a combined U14/U15 'A' team, so if your child is a U15 player, please review all teams.

What happens next?  Your coaches will be given contact information, and you should receive an introductory email within the next couple of weeks.   A special thank you to all board members, coaches, and volunteers who helped all throughout this process.

Look for rosters approximately 7:30pm Friday evening.

Rich Orbell, WAA Travel Baseball Director

Mike Reid,  WAA Baseball Director

2020 WAA Travel Team Ages/Levels

U9 (1 team) U10 (4 teams) U11 (2 teams) U12 (3 teams) U13 (3 teams) U14 (4 teams) U15 (3 teams)
9AAA 10AAA 11AA 12AA (2 teams) 13AAA 14AAA 15AAA
10AA 11A 12A 13AA 14AA 15AA (2 teams)
10A (2 teams) 13A 14A


WAA Travel Baseball would like to thank TRIA for its support in providing concussion baseline training and arm care assessments for our players to kick off our baseball season.  We look forward to having TRIA Certified Trainers staffing our tournaments this year. 

Whether you are a WAA family or not please feel free to swing by the TRIA tent to ask questions during our tournaments.  Anyone in the player’s family or even a fan of the player (Home or Away doesn’t matter) is encouraged to stop by the TRIA tent to ask questions or have someone take a look at something that is bothering them.  Why not?  TRIA is there, available and - best of all - it's free!

Registration for the 2020 Season

Registration for the 2020 season is closed.