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WAA Travel Baseball


WAA Travel Baseball would like to thank TRIA for its support in providing concussion baseline training and arm care assessments for our players to kick off our baseball season.  We look forward to having TRIA Certified Trainers staffing our tournaments this year. 

Whether you are a WAA family or not please feel free to swing by the TRIA tent to ask questions during our tournaments.  Anyone in the player’s family or even a fan of the player (Home or Away doesn’t matter) is encouraged to stop by the TRIA tent to ask questions or have someone take a look at something that is bothering them.  Why not?  TRIA is there, available and - best of all - it's free!

2020 WAA Travel Team Ages/Levels

U9 (1 team) U10 (4 teams) U11 (2 teams) U12 (3 teams) U13 (3 teams) U14 (4 teams) U15 (3 teams)
9AAA 10AAA 11AA 12AA (2 teams) 13AAA 14AAA 15AAA
10AA 11A 12A 13AA 14AA 15AA (2 teams)
10A (2 teams) 13A 14A