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Welcome to WAA Basketball

Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) basketball accepts kids who live in the City of Woodbury OR attend a school in the City of Woodbury for its in house and traveling programs.   This includes kids who live in the City of Woodbury and are in the Woodbury High School boundary, East Ridge High School boundary, Stillwater High School boundary and Oakdale/Maplewood High School boundary.

WAA Basketball Information

WAA Basketball Board

The WAA Basketball Board is looking to fill the following positions:

Basketball Treasurer

Boys In-House Basketball Director

Girls In-House Basketball Director

Girls Tournament Director

Boys Tournament Concession Manager


Please contact Christine Smith or
Lisa Vaske if you are interested in being a part of our program!

2022-2023 Basketball Registration

Registration will open in June and will close in August for travel & September for in house.

Once registration closes, players will be put on a waitlist so please be sure to register before the deadline.

What Programs are available through WAA?

In-House Basketball

Travel Basketball

Boys and Girls Grades K-2nd

Boys Grades 3rd-12th


Girls Grades 3rd-8th

Grade Levels

Grades 4th-8th


November - February


October-Beginning of March

1 per week for 1 hour


K: Saturdays

1st/2nd: Choice of Wednesday or Saturday

2 per week for 1 hour


2 per week

Kindergarten and 1st grade will focus on skills and drills to teach the game of basketball, while 2nd graders will have more game-like situations.

League Play Saturday Mornings or Afternoons


All games are a part of weekend tournaments. 3 games minimum.


All teams will participate in an end of year Tournament in February.


4th & 5th Grade:

Maximum of 11 tournaments  


6th, 7th & 8th Grade: 

 Maximum of 11 tournaments  


We attempt to balance teams to promote competitive play. 

Player Shoot Arounds occur in October.



Tryouts occur in mid-September. 

Teams are divided by skill (A, B, C).  Independent facilitators (not coaches or parents) evaluate players during tryouts. 


Boys Tryouts Sept TBD


Girls Tryouts September TBD

Players are assigned by day and grade. If you sign up for the same day, friends in the same grade level will be together.

Players can make ONE friend request but both players must have each other's name requested in order to honor this. 


Multiple friend requests are not possible because of the need to make equal and fair teams.

Friend Requests


Travel teams are determined based off tryout


Equal Play Time



4th & 5th Grade:

Minimum 50% playing time rule 


6th, 7th & 8th Grade:

Fair and reasonable playing time based on the coach’s discretion 

WAA T-shirt

Reversible Team Jersey 

(players keep jersey)


Full Uniform must be purchased 

(players keep uniform)

Ball is given to you by WAA


3rd/4th grade - 27.5”

5th grade & up - 28.5”



3rd/4th grade - 27.5”

5th/6th grade - 28.5”

7th grade & up - 29.5”

Ball Size


4th grade - 27.5”

5th grade & up - 28.5”



4th grade - 27.5”

5th/6th grade - 28.5”

7th grade & up - 29.5”

Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers


Parent Volunteers that apply and interview with the WAA board. 


Occasionally a non-parent coach if there are not enough volunteers. 

July - October 

July - September


July - August

October TBD - Virtual Meeting

October TBD - Virtual Meeting



September TBD - Virtual Meeting



Volunteer Requirement

All travel families are required to volunteer during this tournament or request a paid replacement volunteer prior to the event. Families who do not meet this obligation will be charged an incremental fee. 


Tournament Dates:

Boys Jan 29 & 30

Girls Feb 6 & 7





Boys Travel

Girls Travel

Thank You Volunteers!...

We would like to thank the many volunteers who make WAA Basketball a great experience for the players and families!